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Since the start of the military operation in Ukraine, millions of children have been forced from their homes. Some were forced to flee across the border into other countries, while others remained in Ukraine, hiding out in underground shelters.

The violence in Ukraine has also affected children in other countries that are already struggling with the effects of other crises such as the climate emergency and the humanitarian situation in their home countries. Discover these effects below.

The Risk of Hunger

The conflict in Ukraine raised concerns about the global supply of wheat, which is a staple food for many countries. If the situation in Ukraine continues to deteriorate, it could lead to a reduction in this staple’s availability and cause prices to rise.

In Lebanon, around 80% of its wheat imports come from Ukraine and Russia. The world is currently experiencing the worst global hunger crisis since the Second World War. It has affected 45 million people in 43 countries, and it is expected to get worse. This is a tragedy for children, who are the most vulnerable individuals in a food crisis.

In 2020, almost half a million children under five years old were reportedly acutely malnourished. According to Save the Children, an end to the violence in Ukraine would allow the country to protect its children and prevent them from experiencing a worse situation.

Mental Health

The violence in Ukraine has affected children the most due to the country’s military operation. However, their digital age has also made it easier for them to understand the impact of the conflict on other kids. This is why it is important that parents talk to their children about the war in Ukraine. The situation in the country can be frightening for both adults and children. Being able to talk about the war in Ukraine with your kids can help them feel more aware and help them process what’s happening rather than avoiding the topic altogether. 

Energy Poverty

The conflict in Ukraine has highlighted the vulnerability of nations that rely on Russian gas and oil. Due to the rising cost of crude oil, the global economy has started to feel the effects of this issue. As the conflict in Ukraine continues to affect families, many parents will be wondering how they can keep their families warm and feed their children.

Rising energy costs are already having a negative impact on children, as they are forcing them to live in damp and cold homes. This is additionally going to prevent them from accessing the opportunities they need to grow.