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Yasmin Bashirova in the Press

Yasmin Bashirova Shares 3 Tips to Nail Online Job Interviews During the Pandemic

“Yasmin Bashirova is the chief of staff of Shift Technologies, which is currently paving the road to success.” Watch her video to learn more!

Azerbaijani national living in US: I always tried to convey truth about Karabakh

“‘Living in the US, I always consider it my duty to convey to the Americans the whole truth about Karabakh, to use the skills acquired at the university for the benefit of our Motherland,’ Yasmin Bashirova, an Azerbaijani living in the United States, a participant in the 5th Congress of World Azerbaijanis in Shusha, told Report.” Read more!

Thousands of Bay Area Armenians march across Golden Gate Bridge to spotlight conflict in Caucasus

Discover more about Yasmin Bashirova and a cause she is passionately advocating for in this article by the San Francisco Chronicle!

Hundreds of Bay Area Azerbaijanis gather in S.F. to raise awareness for conflict in Caucasus

The San Francisco Chronicle reports on an event that Yasmin Bashirova passionately participated in.

From Startup to a Public Company – Yasmin Bashirova

Check out this video on Yasmin Bashirova speaking on becoming a startup to a public company!