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Yasmin Bashirova



Yasmin Bashirova, from San Francisco, has a unique edge over her competitors for several reasons. In addition to her diverse background in engineering, analysis, and finance, Yasmin now looks to the future of digitization and infrastructure optimization. 

Yasmin Bashirova currently serves as the CEO and Founder of Wrapt. Wrapt is a one-stop-shop packing specification solution. Yasmin’s goal with the company is to transform the process by increasing visibility. Wrapt utilizes AI and cloud-based platforms to combine data and tailor-fit workflows to projects. Implementing this newer technology helps update the industry, save time, and reduce mistakes. Yasmin founded Wrapt in July 2023 and is currently based in the San Francisco Bay Area.

In addition to her current position, Yasmin Bashirova responded to the COVID-19 crisis by volunteering at Fix The Mask, a nonprofit dedicated to delivering a safe, effective, affordable, and comfortable mask design to medical professionals and the general public. While volunteering, she utilized her vast analytical and research skills to help drive efficiency and savings within the organization. 

Over the years, Yasmin Bashirova has held many different positions. Before her current role, Yasmin Bashirova was the Chief of Staff for a tech company based in San Francisco, where she researched and developed. In this position, she prepared investor and fundraising materials and provided data-driven analyses for projects. She previously served as a reservoir engineering intern and member of the Midway-Sunset Asset Development Team for Chevron, where she evaluated oil recovery projects to assess their impact. This role was based on her love of engineering. After receiving her bachelor’s and master’s degrees from Stanford University, she majored in Energy Resources Engineering and sought immediate employment. During her time at school, she worked as a department teaching assistant and assisted a professor with National Geographic project research, furthering her energy resources and engineering interests. She also worked as the Vice President for the Society of International Affairs at Stanford (SIAS) and the Director of Finance for the U.S.-Mexico Forum for Solidarity and Cooperation.

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Yasmin Bashirova on “Hustlers for a Cause”

Yasmin Bashirova is also no stranger to awards. She graduated with Cum Laude Honors from Phillips Exeter Academy, was a Stanford McCaw Scholarship Recipient, won 2nd place at CSUN AAPG and SPE regional conferences, was voted the best delegate at the UC Berkeley Model United Nations conference, and was awarded 1st Stanford Undergraduate Student from Azerbaijan.

Yasmin Bashirova was born in Baku, Azerbaijan, but spent her childhood in Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine. She was a community leader for the Azerbaijanis in Northern California during the Karabakh War of 2020. She is currently a volunteer and advocate supporting Ukraine with local initiatives. These initiatives are very near to her heart, and she has felt a great desire to help those in her childhood country of residence suffering from war’s effects.

Yasmin Bashirova is also a passionate volunteer with limited spare time. She assisted the nonprofit group Corazón in the construction of housing for low-income families in Tijuana, Mexico. Yasmin also makes time to help with animal shelters and mentoring Eastern European youth.

Yasmin Bashirova was also a published photographer in the Moscow Times and participated in exhibitions in her spare time. A natural-born athlete, Yasmin also enjoys running in her free time and placed 14th in the New England Division 2 Track and Field Championship. Yasmin is also highly active in her San Francisco community. She is known for speaking out for human rights and social justice and paving the way for young women to become empowered leaders like herself.

To learn more about Yasmin Bashirova, visit her Professional Overview site.