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The Pew Research Center reported that there are more immigrants in the US than in any other country. In fact, almost every country in the world is represented in the US. Despite the various arguments that politicians make about the increasing number of immigrants in the US, the rate of immigration is still lower than it was in the past. There are various reasons why individuals choose to immigrate to the United States, including war, educational opportunities, and more.

How Immigration Impacts Mental Health

It is easy to see how immigration can have a negative impact on mental health. Without acknowledging the reality of refugees, discussions about immigration would be incomplete. Many refugees have experienced trauma in their home countries, which prompted them to seek safety in the U.S. Because of the trauma that is faced by many of these individuals and the culture shock they can experience in America, it is important that they are provided with mental health tools to help cope with these feelings. Discover a few of these below!

Black Mental Wellness

Through its website, Black Mental Wellness seeks to provide evidence-based resources and information that can help increase the diversity of professionals and decrease the existing stigma of mental health.

Therapy for Latinx

The Therapy for Latinx website has a listing of various mental health services for the Latinx community. It also has book recommendations and resources.

The National Center for Youth Law

The National Center for Youth Law has also created resources that are geared toward supporting immigrant youth. These include a training for teachers on how to work with immigrant families and students, as well as a trauma-informed approach webinar.

The National Asian American Pacific Islander Mental Health Association

The NAAPIMHA has a resource list that is designed to help meet the mental health needs of the Asian-American community. This includes state-level programs when there is a lack of information in the area.

Mental Health America

Mental Health America also has resources that are geared toward helping immigrant families. One of these is a workshop that is conducted by Dr. Cesar Cruz. This workshop can be helpful for people who are experiencing psychological distress due to their immigration. It can also help them manage their stress by using rituals and spiritual practices, if desired.

The South Asian Mental Health Initiative & Network

The South Asian Mental Health Initiative & Network has also created various materials that are geared toward helping individuals with mental health issues. Some of these include a helpline and a provider network.