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Despite the concept of diversity being widely discussed, many Americans still live in homogeneous communities. Is it possible to create an environment where everyone is treated with dignity and respect? Inclusiveness is about more than just geographical location. It is an attitude that values each individual as someone who is worthy of our attention and respect.

Regardless of where we live, we can still embrace diversity by learning more about another person’s life and heart. This can be done in various ways.


Try volunteering at a local shelter or visiting a nursing home to get to know people who are different from you. Doing so will allow you to get to know them better and maybe even introduce yourself to their neighbors. Embracing diversity is also about appreciating people of various backgrounds and religions.

Try Out New Hobbies

We tend to build a deeper understanding of life and other cultures when we step outside our comfort zone. For instance, if you’re planning on traveling, try visiting a religious service or a play that’s outside your usual comfort zone. Besides sightseeing, try taking in local culture by visiting restaurants, attending community events, and volunteering at a local charity.

Read a Variety of Books

A well-written book can help us step into someone’s shoes. Besides reading from different perspectives, try also introducing your kids to a wide variety of literature. Look for authors who can tackle complex issues without being preachy. For instance, Eve Bunting is a children’s author who tackles such topics as homelessness and immigration with a lens of respect.

Challenge the Stereotypes You Might Have Been Raised With

Take a look at the language that you’re using to describe certain groups, as this can be very inaccurate and can even be biased. These biases are usually rooted in our own experiences and upbringing. They can prevent us from developing deeper relationships with others and limit our own growth. Being able to accept people of different backgrounds is very important for us. Unfortunately, many people tend to avoid being able to make an effort to be more inclusive.

When we embrace diversity, we tend to approach the world with open hearts and a generous spirit. We see people as individuals instead of groups or demographics.