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A pandemic may have stay-at-home orders, but that has stopped activists and volunteers from working. They are still finding new ways to reach out to people and help their communities. In fact, virtual volunteering has dramatically increased since the COVID-19 pandemic started. Activism at all levels has taken on a new face during this time.


Increased Awareness of Activism


The COVID crisis has created an increased awareness of the need for activism. News programs constantly have reports of nonprofit organizations that are running out of resources and need more donations. Regular people who are vaccinated and have never been sick are looking for ways to help the disadvantaged. Some people have seen the disastrous effects on the communities that they love and feel they have no choice but to help.


Virtual Volunteering


Virtual volunteering is the new trend for people living through a pandemic. However, creating self discipline to remember one’s duties and responsibilities as a volunteer is another issue. It’s recommended that virtual volunteers only choose causes and organizations that they are extremely passionate about. Then, they should set aside a couple of hours a day to reflect on their work.


COVID Volunteering


COVID-19 volunteer services are needed by clinics, hospitals, nonprofit organizations, government agencies and other entities. The duties may include ordering and collecting free masks, scheduling COVID tests, administering vaccinations, educating the public on vaccinations, etc. In most places, volunteers always need to wear masks and may need to show proof of vaccination. Some volunteer opportunities are virtual only, which is beneficial to most people who fear making contact with infected or high-risk individuals.


Reduced Activism


The reality is that fighting a pandemic has become increasingly difficult. Campaigners have been forced to engage in virtual volunteering and follow social distancing practices. Fewer protesters have showed up on the streets, but more of them have turned to social media and videoconferencing methods to promote their causes.


During any disaster, it seems difficult or impossible to get people to become sociable and lively again. But this is the time when human kindness, courage and enthusiasm come out at the highest levels. During a deadly pandemic, activism increases at local, national and international levels and brings out the good in everyone.