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Individuals have been enjoying theater since the very beginning of time. It is a form of entertainment that can take us to places we have never been before, and it can also present us with big questions. The contemporary theater is additionally about social justice issues, which have spoken to numerous individuals regarding experiences that they have had.

Besides being an entertaining form of entertainment, the theater also aims to provoke thought. It is additionally about addressing some of the most sensitive issues that society has to face. This is why it is important to watch and read the plays thoughtfully. Some of the topics that are discussed in these plays include murder, homophobia, and violence.

Luz – Catherine Filloux

Through a variety of environments, Luz explores the topic of sexual violence, toxic oil spills, and tent cities. It is also about addressing the issues that society has to face. Through a human rights lawyer’s search for hope in the inner city, Luz aims to find a meeting place for corporate law and humanity.

The Laramie Project – Moisés Kaufman and the Tectonic Theatre Project

For over a year following the murder of Matthew Shepherd, a gay college student, Moisés Kaufman and his team conducted interviews with the people of Laramie, Wyoming. The cast of the play included eight actors who played over 60 characters. The resulting project, which included interviews with the people of Laramie, culminated in the first performance of The Laramie Project. It was then followed by a sequel, whose plot took place ten years later. The goal of the project was to help the community reflect on what happened to Matthew.

To See the Stars – Cynthia Mercati

Based on the 1909 Shirtwaist Strike, To See the Stars is about love and solidarity. It revolves around four different groups of women who are struggling with various issues, such as poverty, homelessness, and low pay. The girls in the play are constantly striving for better lives, but they never give up.

The goal of contemporary theater is to provide a variety of entertaining and meaningful experiences. It is additionally about addressing some of the most sensitive issues that society has to face. Some of the companies that are involved in this form of entertainment also work with various rehabilitation programs to create unique and engaging performances that have a follow-up purpose and encourage action.