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Since the invasion of Ukraine on February 24, Russian aggression has been affecting the lives of many people in the country. It has created a sense of fear and fatigue, as concerns about the country’s security are still at a heightened state.

Despite the various threats that Russia has made against the world, such as its nuclear weapons, the international community still has to respond to these issues with tangible measures. The situation in Ukraine is still very serious, and the ongoing aggression against the country by the Russians must remain a key commitment of the international community. Besides the murder of civilians, the Russians continue to violate the rights of the people of Ukraine and their environment. They also continue to incite other states to act without consequences.

The US has designated the Russian Federation as a country that commits genocide. Numerous countries have also acknowledged the mass murder of civilians in Ukraine as a genocide. This war is about Ukraine and its commitment to democracy and human dignity. Many people have shown their solidarity by donating, buying up vacation rentals, and signing petitions.

How Can People Continue to Support Ukraine?

Even though the international community has condemned Russia’s aggression, it is still important that the government and non-governmental organizations continue to support the people of Ukraine. This is because they are helping the country’s military to fight back against the aggressors.

If you are still interested in supporting Ukraine, then you might consider supporting United24, a charity that was established by President Zelensky. A donation to this organization ensures that your money is going directly to supporting Ukraine in this war and addressing their most pressing needs.

Nova Ukraine is another nonprofit organization providing humanitarian aid to individuals in Ukraine. Located in the San Francisco Bay Area, this nonprofit is committed to spreading awareness about Ukraine both in the United States and abroad. Donations to this organization directly support the people of Ukraine and enable the organization’s volunteers to continue making an impact.

Sadly, there are many companies that have been funding this war. To make a stand against the brutality committed by Russia, you can boycott these companies. 

It can be hard to find unbiased information about Russia due to the vast amount of pro-Russian propaganda that has been posted online. If your source is intentionally misleading, such as by labeling non-Russians, such as those from Georgia or Lithuania, as the antagonists, then you have likely become a Russian propaganda machine. 

One way to educate yourself about Ukraine’s history is through the works of Ukrainian artists. Songs by different Ukrainian artists have been posted online that discuss the various aspects of the country’s history. These songs are very popular self-education tools for people who are interested in learning more about what has been going on.

Another way to show your support for Ukraine is by joining the efforts of various organizations that have shown their solidarity. It is important that we remember this is an ongoing conflict that has not come to an end. Showing continual support for Ukraine will help fight this fatigue and provide them with resources they are currently lacking.