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Hundreds of thousands of people each year leave their homes and travel to other countries to escape persecution, war, and hunger. Many of these individuals are refugees. However, they face many obstacles when they finally arrive in a new country.

Language Barriers

The language barrier is the most common challenge that immigrants face when it comes to communicating with others. It is because it is assumed that they will know English, and they can face some unkind backlash for not being fluent in this language. Language barriers can also affect the quality of care that immigrants receive. In some communities within the United States, immigrants are unable to receive proper health care due to their lack of English proficiency. Moreover, the varying languages of second and first-generation migrants can affect the abilities of immigrants.

Raising Children

Being a child of parents who came from another country can be very challenging. The psychosocial and socioeconomic issues that newcomers often face can be very different from those of native-born individuals. Many of the children of immigrants suffer from anxiety and depression. The lack of mental health support and the pressure they are under can make them feel like they are not being supported properly. Studies have shown that children of immigrants tend to struggle in school.

Transportation Issues

Getting around is a vital part of life for everyone, but immigrants often face issues when it comes to getting to work and accessing reliable transportation. If they live in an area that does not provide reliable public transportation, they will face many difficulties in getting around, especially since most immigrants are unable to obtain a driver’s license or face barriers in their attempts to obtain one.

Fewer Employment Opportunities

Being an immigrant is often considered to be a disadvantage when it comes to obtaining a job. There are many factors that contribute to this issue. Many immigrants are also excluded from safety and labor protections that are typically enjoyed by native-born workers. 

Also, many professionals who are immigrants face difficulties in obtaining foreign academic credentials. This issue should be addressed in order to help minimize the obstacles that refugees face when it comes to employment.


Most people who are immigrants are vulnerable when it comes to housing. They face many challenges when it comes to finding and securing affordable and safe accommodations in the United States, especially with the high cost of the rent. Additionally, illegal immigrants are more prone to experiencing higher housing costs than their legal counterparts.